The importance of managed IT support

Managed IT support can be vital for companies without the resources to manage their own IT departments in-house. By outsourcing your IT support to Idaho Computer Solutions with one of our Service packages, it  can be a weight off the company’s shoulders. Freeing up staff and funds to spend on other parts of the business.

Data protection

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Among the top security issues for companies in the 21st century is data protection. Losing client information or having it leak in a security hack can be extremely damaging to a business. The hit to the firm’s reputation is very difficult to bounce back from. Ensuring your business has excellent levels of data protection is absolutely vital in the modern era and Idaho Computer Solutions packages can set your mind at ease in this department.

System security


Keeping IT systems online and running smoothly is one of the biggest challenges businesses are currently facing. With the switch to a digital society companies are finding they are spending a lot of resources on their systems. By purchasing an Idaho Computer Solutions service package, this department can be handed over to our team of specialists based in Southeast Idaho, who have all of the knowledge and expertise needed to keep your systems safe and secure. Regular Windows, software, anti-virus and system upgrades ensure system security is always maintained to a high level. While we pride ourselves on our fantastic levels of proactive maintenance and protection.